September 19, 2013

a fro yo kind of day

I woke up with a head ache this morning to find Lucas crying because his leg was stuck on the crib, poor little guy has a bruise now and then a little later I accidentally knocked the cheerios box off the counter... and there goes half of it. Then there's the apartment hunting situation that is not going so well and I just want that to be over.
It was the kind of day that can only be fixed with frozen yogurt... and fixed it was!
thank goodness for babies and husbands sharing mum mums...after that we went to get some stuff for our home made pizza dinner and yay! that's exciting!


  1. super cute! I am suddenly hungry btw. lol
    T Y T O A L B A

  2. QUE RICO!!! I haven't had fro yo in so long, now I really want some!!!


  3. good luck with your apartment search!...and yes, fro yo does somehow make everything right! enjoy your weekend:)

  4. the little things are what make it all better! life stinks sometimes, you know? good luck with searching for that apartment...and farewell Cheerios!

  5. Everything looks delicious! And this is so sweet when kids are sharing with others! :)

  6. Some days are not as perfect as other, but it looks like you managed each challenges in a perfect way <3 Wish you that the next days will be much better and thank you for your cute pics :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  7. I love homemade pizza. And frozen yogurt- it's kinda hard to resist piling everything into that cup :)


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