June 14, 2013

at the library

Una tarde lluviosa tome mi paraguas, le puse el plastico a la carreola y nos fuimos a la biblioteca. Nos encanta pasar el rato ahi porque es muy entretenido para Lucas, ademas de sentarnos a hojear libros se va gateando por los pasillos a explorar y aveces encuentra a otros ninos por ahi y hace amistades fugaces. Tenemos la suerte de tener este espacio a una cuadra de donde vivimos.


On a rainy afternoon I grabbed my umbrella and the plastic cover for the stroller and headed to the library. We love to spend time in there because it's really entertaining for Lucas, we sit on the floor to read books and then he crawls between the aisles exploring, sometimes he finds another kid and make a two minute friend. We are lucky to have this place so close to our home.


  1. una idea estupenda, así desde pequeñito se familiariza con la lectura, está precioso!


  2. It's so wonderful a child grows among books!

  3. vivan las bibliotecas! son espacios imprescindibles para crecer amando a los libros! besitos

  4. Once again your son Lucas is adorable! It's so important to spend time in the library and to tell your children stories. You are indeed lucky with a library so close to your house. Btw, the name of your son is beautiful!


  5. He looks like he had a blast, you have a little reader on your hands :)


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