August 24, 2012

two years

Hoy, hace exactamente 2 años llegamos a Montreal, la ciudad en donde se viven las 4 estaciones muy intensamente; desde hojas multicolores en otoño, pasando por tormentas de nieve con sus -20℃ en invierno, hasta hermosos tulipanes en primavera y casi 40℃ en el caliente verano.
Sobra decir que lo mejor de este año es la llegada de bebeso (véase esquina inferior derecha)


Today, exactly 2 years ago we arrived to Montreal, the city where you can really experience the 4 seasons; from multicolored autumn leaves through snow storms and -20℃ in the winter time to beautiful tulips in spring and almost 40℃ in the hot summer.
I don't need to say this year's best thing is baby's arrival (see bottom right corner)


  1. yay to two years and being able to experience the seasons with your beautiful family :)
    xo TJ

  2. happy montreal anniversary. while having a baby far away from your family and friends isn't easy, montreal is a wonderful place to raise a child. i too came back here a little over 2 years ago for that very reason. lucas is adorable, and you look fab! xo danina

  3. The three of you as a family are adorable. He is growing so cute each and every day! Happy 2 year anniversary in Montreal!


  4. Congratulations, the baby is gorgeous. thank you for commenting on my blog.

  5. Such cute photos! Montreal looks amazing! Must go there on my next trip to Canada! Congrats on 2 years!


  6. OH thats so cool, i really want to move to a city where i can experience the 4 seasons! I live in Florida so errrr always hot.


  7. Me da gusto que se vivan bien las estaciones haya! donde yo vivo es verano todo el año!! Por cierto, ya te sigo en GFC, espero puedas visitar mi blog y seguirme de vuelta si gustas (:


  8. Wow, i had no idea how extreme the temperatures are over there.
    Hope you get some milder seasons soon!


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