January 23, 2013

is this little things...

... that are getting us through winter...
today is -26˚C (feels like -36˚C) so we are spending lots of all the time indoors, and we have been boiling water, cooking, cuddling under cozy flannel sheets, coffee sipping, wearing knee high socks and cute pijamas, reading books, hot chocolate making, sippy cup training, eating homemade tomato soup (recipe here) and grilled cheese and of course watching Gilmore Girls what else!
so how is your winter coming out?


  1. Beautiful post dear .... we konw what spending all time at home means considering Leo is sick again ..... all get well asap .... look forward to hearing from you!!!

    Lelli Family

  2. Oh, Lord! That IS cold! We have like -10 C? but it feels like -20 C!

  3. Cute photos! That soup looks delish!


  4. -26!?!? here it's +28, which is kind of killing me. stay warm friend!

  5. yes!!!!!!!!!! Those pajamas are SO CUTE!! For some reason the Gap & Old navy by us is literally always out of everything!! I wanted those. That coffee reminded me that I want hot cocoa right now lol.

  6. Oh love to do those things too in a cold weather!! Nice pictures hun really enjoyed it ^ ^

  7. We are doing the same! Spending so much time inside. I like it a lot of the time, but I think Jax is getting a little bored...I feel bad. But it's freezing outside!

  8. Good post! We only minus 11 :)) You can go for a walk.

    Good mood,

  9. ooh pumpkin soup is making me YEARN for winter. we are in the thick of a hot aussie summer here!

    hey, I have a sunday evening linky for just this kind of photo based post, i'd be delighted to have you should you choose to join in..

    Lovely to find you here all the way on the other side of the world!

    xo em

  10. Me encantan las fotos. Tu collar es precioso! :)
    Un beso.

  11. Oh gosh, that little baby outfit is absolutely adorable!!! And yay to Gilmore Girls! :)
    xo TJ

  12. jajaja I can't believe you're watching GG... it's my favorite show EVER. I mean, they actually talk faster than me and are way wittier. Most of my friends tell me that they're reminded of me when they watch it cuz Rory and Lorelai are INSANE. I love your pictures, it's been colder in Madrid and I've been bundling like crazy! Keep warm, guys!
    Oy with the poodles already! Kisses



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