January 19, 2013

hello snow!

Here some of our wanderings around the snowy city. I got to confess I have a love-hate relationship with the snow and cold weather, before coming to live to Montreal I was really excited to see snowflakes falling from the sky, making snow angels and all things related and don't get me wrong I still am (at the beginning of the season, ha!) the only problem is winter lasts too long up here (I'm talking April people!) and it's kind of hard starting to see everyone wearing pretty spring dresses and sandals enjoying the sun while we still wear snow boots and coats, but ok, we are no there yet it's only January so I'll keep enjoying white winter wonderland over here.


  1. We had show in Milan too today..... Leo was so happy... have a beautiful we

    xo Lelli Family

  2. amazing warm pictures, even though it was snowing!!! :)
    Thank you for visiting my blog it was so sweet of you!

  3. What beautiful photos! I love snow but I guess it is because I live in desert area haha. Have a great weekend!

  4. Me encantaron las fotos! gracias por compartirlas.
    Un beso para tí y tu familia!

  5. congratulations! You won the giveaway on Dear Family,
    Email me at elisemdean@gmail.com to claim your prize!

  6. It might be cold, but those photos are gorgeous! I can't get over how cool those ice sculptures are!

  7. qué fotos más bonitas e invernales!


  8. Que bonitas fotos, adoraria estar en un lugar asi, es que soy tan fan del invierno pero aca en mi CIUDAD no es tan intenso.
    Saludos amigaa un abrazo para ti y tu linda familia

  9. Cute photos! I totally know what you mean! I'm always ready for "winter" to begin in Texas. But, after 2 weeks of cold weather I'm ready for summer again! I couldn't imagine winter until April!


  10. I am the same! I think that snow is so pretty and I love the coziness of Winter, but I HATE being cold! I have been wishing for sun a little, but I am going to try and enjoy the Winter too!


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