December 11, 2014

sábado en el mercado de navidad

Visiting the christmas market during the holiday season is becoming a tradition to our family, this was only our second time there but for Lucas was like the first since he spent most of the time sleeping the last time we were there. He really enjoyed playing at the little gingerbread house, running in and out and looking outside the window was so much fun!
these little green guys filled the air with an incredible scent while waiting to get picked out and go home with a nice family :)
most delicious grilled cheese (+bacon) ever!
Lucas took this pic of his dad ➘➘➘ good one right?
➚➚➚post-grilled cheese face... suspicious of the snow man "where is his hat!?"
➘➘➘these two are all mine, I'm such a lucky girl!
 Lucas was mesmerized listening to the carolers..."whaaat!? they know Jingle Bells and the Rudolph song!??? let me take my mittens off and clap" 
Santa Claus was just the best! He was so nice and really took his time with Lucas,  he asked him how old he was and about his favourite cookies, then showed him pictures of his reindeers and dog; before saying good bye Santa asked for a big glass of milk for Christmas night, Lucas said "ok" and then sealed it with a high five.
'til next year christmas market, you are our favourite!


  1. Oh, what a cute place! And Santa sounds so sweet, love that :)

  2. I'm sure the Christmas tree is really happy to be at such a nice family and that Lucas enjoyed it a lot to play in the Gingerbread house :) Thanks a lot for sharing so many lovely pictures again <3 They are always warming my heart.
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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  3. this place looks like so much fun! what a great and fun tradition!


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