December 16, 2013

that time when we had lots of pancakes for breakfast

Breakfast sure is my favourite meal of the day specially if pancakes are on the menu and last weekend our dearest friends invited us over to have a christmas breakfast before we left for Mexico.
We had blueberry pancakes and mexican hot chocolate with marshmallows, the babes wore their matching christmas jammies and we had lots of fun.
Thank you guys for being such great friends!


  1. Oh gosh, Christmas is better with matching Christmas pajamas and pancakes ;)
    xo TJ

  2. what a nice time. the kids even have a cute matching PJ's.
    i've been making pancakes too for the last few days for breakfast. i think it's just perfect for this weather - well, any weather actually :)

  3. oh I love breakfast too..
    sounds great and the kids look adorable in their matching pj's

  4. Such a great gathering with the pancakes :)
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  5. matching jammies! so so cute!


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