October 30, 2013

boo barn

Last sunday we headed to Riverdale Farm, yes, again! We just can help it we love that place! we were there not to long ago for the harvest festival and even celebrated Lucas' 1st birthday with a farm fiesta among goats, chickens and cows. Anyway this time they had a mini haunted barn for small kids with just the enough amount of spookiness, nothing too scary; too bad I couldn't take any pics but it was too dark.
We got so close to this horse and Lucas tried to reach and touch it, he was so excited! My heart just melts when he starts giggling at all the animals noises, his favourite is the oink oinks of the pigs.
The scenery was fantastic with changing leaves of every colour, beautiful!
This victorian style house is the Simpson House, a reproduction of the original farm house, gorgeous. I can imagine living in a place like this and spending all of my afternoons sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee.


  1. hola Bri. he tenido un problema con el dominio de mi blog, me lo han robado y estoy empezando casi de cero, ahora es sweetstyleblog.es (antes era .com)
    cuánto ha crecido Lucas en estos meses, está guapísimo, al igual que sus papás!


  2. What a great time at the farm! You guys are just the cutest family :)
    xo TJ


  3. Love this time of year!!! Happy Halloween

    xo mel
    turquoise blonde

  4. ese lugar se ve lindo y simpatico! le tengo envidia a el clima! aca todavia andamos en shorts y huaraches! ...el horror!

  5. Your cute owl hats are to die for!

  6. Your family takes the best adventures, loving the hats =)

    XO, Adropofbliss.com

  7. this is so cute!

  8. Adorable Photos! The last one is my Favorite ,super gorgeous :)

    Happy Sunday ,big Hugs

  9. qué bonitas las fotos!!! y el sitio es precioso! besitos!
    ♥ Algo Así ♥

  10. You are such a lovely family and it was a great idea that you were again at this farm. Wonderful pictures <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  11. awww we just got a Bugaboo pram too!


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