July 18, 2013

the day we went to see weezer in concert (from the outside)

From the moment we heard Weezer was going to be in town we wanted to go see the concert, the husband wanted to take Lucas but we knew it might not be the greatest idea so we decided to just go and walk around the park to see if we could hear and see something and oh! we were so lucky! We were so close it was almost as if we were really inside. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous so double score!

Blue Album Memories Show at Downsview Park in Toronto
➚➚➚ failed selfie
Lucas really enjoyed the concert, he would clap after every song, cutest thing ever!
Never thought I would go to a concert with my mom and my baby, at the same time! It was such a nice and fun experience.


  1. fun!! i love outdoor concerts, cute pics!

  2. OMgosh how funny that you guys decided to walk around the venue and listen to it for free! I love that! neat idea. Also, way to go on those shades and lip color--too pretty!

    1. yeah! I love when things turn out great like that

  3. Hi dear
    Thanks for your comment some weeks ago on my blog
    Lovely photos

    Kiss kiss.*Jo


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