November 19, 2012

a day in TO...

... en el centro de Toronto para ser mas específicos, nos hospedamos en un hermoso departamento en uno de los rascacielos, la vista era impresionante! Pasamos la mañana caminando por los alrededores con cafe en mano, tomamos la foto obligada en la CN Tower, visitamos el estadio de los Blue Jays, equipo de baseball de Toronto y vimos que próximamente abrirán un acuario así que ya tenemos excusa para volver y llevar a Lucas a ver los peces; hacia mucho frío pero estuvo lindo el paseo.

❉❉❉ downtown Toronto more specifically, we stayed in a beautiful apartment in one of the skycrapers buildings, the view was incredible! In the morning we just walked around the downtown core area with coffee in our hands, we took the typical CN Tower photo, visited the Blue Jays stadium (Toronto's baseball team) and we noticed they are opening an aquarium soon so we have an excuse to go back and take Lucas to see the fish; it was very cold but very pretty.


  1. I love your outfit, so colorful, just perfect!

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  2. Can you imagine that I have driven by and through TO like a bazillion times but never stopped to visit. A definite must. We are driving to Ohio for Thanksgiving maybe we will pass each other on the way. Your Mo'vember shirt is adorable! xoD

  3. Hola preciosa gracias por el comentario me encanta tu blog te sigo desde ya, me encantaría que me sigas para poder compartir cositas, mañana en el blog sorteo besos

  4. Se nota que la estas pasando genial :)!!Thanks for your comment !!... Visit and check my new post!!

  5. Great pictures! I love your scarf. It looks so cozy.

    <3 Melissa

  6. qué fotos màs bonitas, seguro que lo pasasteis genial, se os ve muy felices!


  7. your blog is darling and we are following! xo

  8. gorgeous, i love toronto!
    Xo Megan,

  9. Your little family is just too cute! And what fun! Love the Fall season ;)
    xo TJ

  10. wow Beautiful, I love your outfit. Canada is such an amazing place!


  11. too cute! I love Toronto :)
    Glad you all had fun!

  12. Cute photos! you look fantastic!

  13. Gorgeous! I have never stayed that high I don't think, but I bet the view was amazing. You two are seriously the best dressers ever! Come give McKay and me some lessons on dressing! ;)

  14. I like how you style your outfit! The color combination is amazinggggggggg! Nice pictures too!

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  15. Que bonitas fotos. Me encanto tu look para sobrellevar el frio. Esos paisajes llenos de otoño los amo ojala en México fuera así. Se te ve feliz sigue asi, te mando un abrazo enorme.

  16. I love seeing all your photos from the amazing trips you take ! :) Love it!! Have a great week!

  17. Your outfit is so bright and lovely! It must be cold where you are...stay warm!

  18. Que guapa, cuanto colorido en tu look, me gusta mucho.
    Un beso.


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