October 22, 2012

Lucas va al viejo puerto...

...y por vez primera ve el agua. Moría de ganas por ver su reacción y resulto que estaba mas emocionada yo que el, se que es muy pequeño aun pero me puse a pensar en todas las primeras veces que vienen para Lucas, la primera vez que coma una fruta, su primera palabra, su primer paso, etc... y lo mejor es que nosotros lo vamos a vivir con el! Esto de ser papas cada vez se pone mejor, me encanta!


... and he sees the water for the first time. I was dying to see his reaction and it turned out I was more excited than he was, I know he is still so little but this made me think of all the first times coming for Lucas, first time he eats a fruit, his first word, first step, etc... and the best part is we get to live this with him! This being a parent thing keeps getting better, I'm loving it!


  1. You guys are always on lots of fun mini adventures. The leaves are so bright over there!

  2. So beautiful fall pictures. You are lovely and so is your baby.



  3. Wow so beautiful, can he get an cuter?!

    XO, Adropofbliss.Blogspot.Com

  4. He is looking SO cute in his little outfit! I'm sure he loved the water, it's just a lot of beauty to take in all at once :)

    Virginie xo

  5. Oh my goodness, those trees are gorgeous! I LOVE fall leaves :) Adorable pics as well! :)


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  6. You guys are so cute wondering around the city. Maybe I run into you one of these days ;-) xoD

  7. jijij, que emoción!!! y que felices se ven todos juntos!
    Preciosas fotos.
    Un beso!

  8. Love your blog!!Following!!I'd love it if you check out mine and tell me what you think!

  9. Cómo mira atento! impresionantes los árboles de la última foto. Te he añadido a mi lista de blogs porque me encantan tus fotos, tu peque y porque amo méxico!

  10. aww precious :) looks lovely outside!!

  11. Aww, this is so sweet! I love his outfit (and yours). It's so funny because I feel like I always more excited than Jax is when I show him something new! haha.

  12. Such sweet pictures! And what a beautiful skirt.

  13. qué guapo y grande está el bebé, formais una familia estupenda!


  14. Hi dear
    Thanks for your comment some weeks ago on my blog
    So nice this outfit

    Kiss kiss.*Jo


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